About TEDx MashreqU

The youth and young generations across the globe are always looking for a better tomorrow. However, their plans, dreams, and hopes are seem to be restricted by the surrounding social and economic circumstance as well as by the day to day duties and challenges. “Sky is the Limit” is the theme of the upcoming TEDxMashreqU Event. The stage will be open for inspiring ideas and stimulating stories from scientists, innovators, entrepreneurs, artists, society leaders and many more. Representative students will also participate by sharing their experiences and hopes for a bright future. We aim to reignite the spark inside those who started to lose steam. Come and join us as we celebrate freedom, innovation, dreaming, and imagination @ TEDxMashreqU on February the 1st 2020 at Mashreq University, Khartoum North, SUDAN





About TEDx

TEDx complement the mission of TED of ideas worth spreading. It is a local event licensed by TED under a free license and organised by curious individuals who seek to discover ideas and spark conversations in their own community.