Dr. Saud Abdul Ghani, known to FIFA as "Mr. Cool" Specialized in designing cooling systems used in greenhouses 'Teacher of Mechanical Engineering at Qatar University' Designed for HVAC systems first used in football stadiums for the FIFA World Cup in Qatar 2022.

Dr. Saud Abdul Ghani

Mr. Richard Catherle specializing in projects and entrepreneurship' Executive director and international consultant in development with more than seventeen years of experience in the field of community institutions' Founder of Katarsis Ventures which specializes in business development in developing countries.

Mr. Richard Catherle

Asia Dia Al-Din, a graduate of Communications Engineering, Mashreq University, I interested in engineering sciences in general, and communications and electronics in particular. Also interested in sports, Horse riding and swimming specifically. The topic of the talk : about overcoming challenges and obstacles #Willpower creates happiness

Asia Dia Al-Din

What I believe is it's time for electronic learning and it should be applied in all Sudanese Universities. E-learning is not only a competitive advantage, but it is also considered as a basic requirement every student needs for his/her academic advance. E-learning provides the students and their teachers with smart strategies and different techniques that will definitely enable them to be on contact with their lecturers very easily.

Wala Ahmed

Programmer and developer of systems and databases, interested in artificial intelligence and resource management systems and technical and food entrepreneurship, founder of Patanjan School and Clinical Nutrition.

Abubakr Altayf

Fifth year student, University of Khartoum A simple and ambitious person Honest the of Academic Happiness, 91 class medicine, University of Khartoum. Passionate about life and interested in the psychological side and believe in achieving the impossible hard work. Encouraging scientific research, especially for university students She is a research author of Psychiatric Research related to IVF failure and reproductive aids. "The most difficult thing a person can go through is psychological fatigue and external and internal pressures by negatively affecting human health and its effectiveness in society." The words you say to yourself are what happens. Leave your hopes high and make sure that no one is able to stop you.

Hadeel Muhammad

- Founder of Hopper HQ, responsible for the analysis and management of the Instagram platform, which is active in more than 75 countries and works with many international brands and celebrities around the world
Founder of Turn Partners in the United Kingdom, which specializes in creating projects and e-business Sales and Marketing Expert. And managing emerging projects since he was 16 years old
- Consultant to many international companies such as ETRONAS oil?, PWC & Pepsi co. Teacher of Administrative Sciences at University College London in the United Kingdom

Mr. Mike Bander

My father, my mother, my relatives and all of you call me Baloula, I accept that, but that is not enough , Iam D.albaloula , Associate Professor of oral traditions, Department of Folklore,University of Dongola.

Dr. Albaloula

I aim to build a society in which every person has a sense of reassurance and is able to try and try to achieve his goals. For this thing, everyone must fully understand that he is responsible for his small community and his duty is to learn enough skills for positive influence. The most beautiful thing is that we are all able to master the art of leadership and influence others and to be leaders of this change.

Husam Asaad Hassan

Professor Sharif is one of our country's evacuated scientists Known for his generosity, humility and patriotism. Our well-known speaker is Professor Sharif Fadel Babiker. Graduate of electrical engineering from the University of Khartoum. Holds a PhD from the University of Glasgow, UK Worked in the academic and industrial field in the United Kingdom. He is currently the Director General of the African Technology City and an advisor to the Sudanese Electricity Distribution Company. Professor of Electrical Engineering and Head of the Department of the American Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineering in Sudan (IEEE).

Professor Sharif Fadel Babiker

Ok .... I will talk about my experience with reading and how it transformed me to another person completely And how I was able to set my goals in life. I will explain how I used to read one or two books daily ...and the Motivations and motivators that led me to this stage Until it became my identity.

Hadeel Anwar

Mark Weston is a freelance writer, researcher and policy consultant, working on access to justice, public health, corporate social responsibility and other global issues for clients including Harvard School of Public Health, Manchester United Football Club, New York University, the British Council and DFID. A contributor to BBC Radio 4, Roads & Kingdoms, Africa is a Country and South Africa's Mail & Guardian newspaper, Mark is the author of the West Africa travel memoir The Ringtone and the Drum and the novel African Beauty. He lives in Khartoum

Mark Weston

Al-Tayeb Abdel Moneim. Born with special needs. He was born in the local Al-Jazeera village in the village of Um Diqrasi. He is an ambitious person like all human beings. He does not like defeat. He does not like sympathy and compassion. Al-Tayeb Abdel Moneim tells us the story of the struggle and where I started and where did he get .. "Disability is energy of will"

Altayb Abdelmonym

Ahmad Mustafa Omar Muhammad is a student at the fourth level, medical laboratories active in the field of health and psychological awareness and assistance to psychiatric patients. Interested in related research, a member of an organization you are not alone, an administrative assistant, training in the medical research unit, and a speaker on several different platforms

Ahmad Mustafa Omar

"Passive Cooling design might not solve 100% of the problem, but it will certainly reduce the demand for energy consumption" - M.Sc. in Building services.
- Lecturer and department coordinator at Hikma Collage for science and technology
- Lecturer at Bahri University
- Passionate in Environmental design and sustainability
-Team member of Climathon2019 second place winning team
-Youth leadership program 4 & 5 YLP4 & YLP5
-Member of International Youth society Sudan "IYS"

Yasmine Osman Sagady

Muhammad Al-Mujtaba Ammar a simple young man When I was a kid, I was sort of lonely and standing in front of others was my biggest concern That obsession, which over time has transformed into a true passion and a way of life Everyone has internal fears, and there is no doubt that fear of the public is a matter that has always been necessary for us all. There is no human being who is not afraid to stand and speak in front of others. But success in overcoming this fear lies in controlling it and not showing it to them.Always storming and initiative is the way to overcome internal fears, so what we fear, we do not overcome it unless we involve ourselves in its field.

Muhammad Al-Mujtaba Ammar

Graduate of medical laboratories. He holds five patents, and holds a silver medal in Croatia worldwide A medical device considered to be one of the lab’s consumables .. It distributes a thousand samples after repeated sterilization called Al-Fard .. Founder of Involap Company .. and director of projects and planning in the Next Einstein Forum. N. E. F. SD

Mohammed Basher Musa

A graduate of Information Technology, Mashreq University
"Disability is energy of will"

Mr. Saleh Atta Almanan